Release products that customers love

Reduce uncertainty, validate assumptions, and uncover opportunities using generative AI

Deeply understand customers

Leverage AI to get actionable, granular insights about your customers to prioritize the right product roadmap.

A single view of all your customer feedback

Consolidate all your qualitative feedback to harness the true potential of customer insights.

Boost Efficiency with ChatGPT-Powered Insights

Rely on Rargus to accurately extract insights from your qualitative data.

Easily discover important insights

It's as simple as press a button, get insights.

Identify bugs before they become problems

Our AI identifies trending topics so you can catch potential problems early and keep customers happy.

Customer-driven roadmaps

Get a unified view of customer feedback and build products they'll love with our customer-driven roadmaps. Make informed decisions and say goodbye to guesswork.

More accurate than a human

Say goodbye to human error and hello to the most precise and comprehensive feedback analysis available. Rargus analyzes your entire data set with unmatched accuracy, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual sifting and sample-based reports.

Trust but verify

Dig into the data when you want to. Rargus gives you access to all the relevant feedback you want, along with the highlights and metadata that help you decide what to build.

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